Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Isolating Powershell Sessions in Workflows in Service Manager

One common issue I have ran into with writing workflows for Service Manager is the powershell sessions seem to be shared. When I call a set of cmdlets, such as the Active Directory cmdlets, they do not always load/unload properly, causing issues with subsequent scripts.

We can isolate the powershell sessions inside the Service Manager Workflows. While powershell experts may know this, most of us don't, so here is my non-expert explanation.

  • When you run Service Manager Workflows, they run in the same process. 
  • If these workflows are running powershell, the powershell sessions are sometimes (or always) shared. 
  • By "running powershell inside a powershell" we can isolate our scripts, preventing issues between shared sessions.
  • Once the script is complete, it cleans itself up, and completely closes the sessions.
The only issue I see with this method is that it might take the workflow a second or two longer to run because of having to open the new session - plan accordingly.

How we do it:
Take your completed script, and simply wrap the script in powershell.
For example, if my script is: 

Import-Module Activedirectory

I simply wrap it like this:

Powershell {
Import-Module Activedirectory

Another Example with Parameters:
Powershell {
param($Name, $pcc);
get-process $Name -ComputerName $pcc;} -args "explorer", "localhost"

Thanks goes out to Thomas Bianco for coming up with this simple workaround as a way to isolate Powershell Sessions.

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