Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Query ALL Service Manager ENUMS and their Hierarchy

I find myself listing out all of the enumerations for lists in Service Manager quite a bit. Rather than spending time doing this over and over, I wrote a query that retrieves all of the enumeration items from Service Manager. I tried to keep it simple so anyone could adjust to his or her needs. It does not require the DW, as I am pulling directly from the ServiceManager database.

  SELECT [EnumType].[EnumTypeId] AS Id,
      [EnumType].[ManagementPackId] AS ManagementPackId,
      [EnumType].[EnumTypeName] AS Name,
      [EnumType].[EnumTypeAccessibility] AS Accessibility,
      [EnumType].[ParentEnumTypeId] AS ParentId,
  into #eview
  FROM dbo.EnumType
  LEFT Join dbo.EnumType ep on EnumType.EnumTypeId = ep.EnumTypeId and ep.ParentEnumTypeId IS NULL
  LEFT OUTER JOIN DisplayStringView DS1 ON DS1.LTStringId = dbo.[EnumType].[EnumTypeId] AND DS1.LanguageCode = 'ENU'
  INNER JOIN dbo.ManagementPack
   ON dbo.ManagementPack.ManagementPackId = [EnumType].ManagementPackId AND dbo.ManagementPack.ContentReadable = 1;
  with tree as (
  SELECT ManagementPackid, Id, name,
  cast(DisplayName as varchar(max)) as Hierarchy,
  FROM #eview
  Where ParentId IS NULL and displayName IS NOT NULL
  SELECT c.ManagementPackId, c.Id, c.name,
  p.hierarchy + ', ' + cast(c.DisplayName as varchar(max)),
  c.DisplayName, c.ParentId
  FROM #eview c
  join tree p on p.Id = c.parentID
  WHERE c.displayName IS NOT NULL
select ManagementPackid, parentid, Name, Hierarchy, DisplayName
from tree
order by 3
drop table #eview

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  1. Does this Enumtable get copied to the Data warehouse?